Date: 08.04.2021

Biblical Text: “ And Mahlon and Chilon died also, both of them, so the woman was bereft of her two sons and her husband”. [Ruth 1:5]

I met a young man who was working in the military but lost his job in a most mysterious circumstance. He was framed for what he did not do and due to lack of substantial evidence to prove his innocence he was relieved of his duties. The hurt of losing the job affected the young man to the extent that he stopped serving God. I ministered to him and trusted the Lord that he will be restored both spiritually and physically. We all will have periods of hurts in our lives, that should not stop us from serving God or trusting in Him. When the past hurts, we must not neglect God because we are hurting, this is not ideal! Naomi, the wife of Elimelech lost her two sons and husband in a foreign land. It was a hurtful past but she trusted God to help her overcome the past. She decided to return to her own country which is Judah; one of her daughters- in law- Ruth a Moabite, insisted she will follow her to Judah. Because Naomi held on to God to heal her past, God strengthened her and gave her a daughter- in law- Ruth that was regarded as better than seven sons in the eyes of people of Judah. Ruth remarried and gave birth to a son-Obed who Naomi then nurtured up as her son. Obed was the father of Jesse, who was the father of David, the lineage through which Christ came. We must trust God to heal our past that hurts rather than run away from Him. It may be a broken courtship that is hurting you; trust in God to heal your past and bring something better like He did for Naomi.

KNOW IT ∞ Do not dwell on your hurtful past, God has a sweeter future for you.
READ IT ∞ Ruth 1:3-18, Luke 22:61-62, Job 42:8
PRAY IT ∞ Father, heal my past and give me a sweeter future to erase the hurtful past in Jesus Name.
BIBLE IN ONE YEAR ∞ Romans 1-4

© Pastor Tunde Richards & Pastor Oluwafemi Adebayo

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